Our Story

KATSURA was inspired in a visit to a Japanese restaurant where a Japanese chef cut an endlessly spiraling sheet of daikon. We set out to craft cutlery designed with the precision and quality demanded by Japanese chefs to capture that skill and passion for cooking. We hope to bring the Japanese knowledge and skills embodied in our cutlery into every kitchen and perfect the culinary art.



Katsuramuki is a technique used by Japanese chefs when slicing vegetables to make thin, spiraling sheets without breaks. The technique’s name comes from the resemblance to the elegant and transparent fabrics used by traveling aristocrats in ancient Japan. Our brand name, KATSURA, is inspired by this technique.


Japanese Cutlery

Japanese swordsmithing is famous for forging katanas, swords used by Samurai warriors. The blades are made using high carbon steel that is forged by heating and folding it multiple times. This method has influenced the forging of Japanese kitchen knives and the many layers of steel can be seen in a Damascus pattern. In addition, Japanese knives also differ from Western knives in that Japanese chefs make cutting motions with their entire arm rather than focusing on the wrist. So, Japanese knives must be balanced at the center and be extremely light weight.  


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