AUS-10 Damascus 8-in Kiritsuke Chef Knife Blank Blade, 50mm Wide Blade, Classic Ebony Wa Style Series [No Logo]

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  • KITCHEN KNIFE MAKING BLANK – This woodworking project kit includes a knife blade blank ONLY. Customize your very own knife handle by using wood, Micarta, Kirinite or engineered wood to create a cool accent. Give your Kiritsuke knife a unique personality by hand finishing all the parts. BONUS: Includes locking ring, internal reinforced supporting metal stick, end locking screw and decorating end cap.

  • ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION – Unparalleled design, Katsura knife blade blanks are made with a Japanese AUS-10 Core reinforced with 66 Layers of Damascus Steel, 60+ Rockwell hardness. With excellent edge retention, your cutting knife will stay razor sharp for years to come. Feel the strength and beauty of your unique knife in your hand.

  • WOODWORKING PROJECT – Use your own imagination to create a Classic Ebony Wa Style handle. Making knife handles is easier than you think, even if all you have is a sharp pocket knife and some scraps of softwood. Draw your dream knife handle on a piece of wood and carve it to the finished shape. Create your own ergonomic handle out of any material and attach to this extreme sharp blade. Transform into a kitchen samurai with your new Japanese Kiritsuke knife.

  • A TURE MASTERPIECE KITCHEN SAMURAI – Our culinary Kiritsuke knife combines the enduring art of Japanese knife making with cutting edge technology. It has a razor-sharp edge and agile blade to make chopping, cutting and slicing much easier. Stunning Windcutter-X pattern throughout the blade area with reinforce parts for the handle completes this masterpiece. EXTRA wide blade (50mm) makes your cutting task more efficient. Custom your own size handle creates more comfortable cutting experience.

  • COMPLETELY ORIGINAL GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS / HOLIDAYS – Our woodworking blanks for adults are the ultimate gift for people who spend time in their studio or workshop. Crafters, hobbyists, and even foodies/chefs will love owning their own custom knife handles! SIZE: 8-inch Blade, 13.50 Inch Overall, 50mm wide blade, N.W. 3.25 OZ, HRC 60+ hardness.  Please reach out to Katsura in case of any issues.

Katsura Knife Making Kit – YOU determine the best knife handle material to suit your needs!

Experience has taught us that there’s nothing like digging in and getting started. Even, if you’ve never made a knife before you can try your crafting skills with simple or makeshift tools! The thrill of carving, grinding, shaping, and buffing your own handle is unbelievably satisfying. Be proud of what you can create even if the end result is less than perfect.
The KATSURA AUS-10 Damascus Kiritsuke Chef Knife Blank comes with a blade blank only, allowing for a design-it-yourself handle made from the material of your choice. We recommend using Micarta, softwood, hardwood, purple heart wood, Kirinit, engineered wood.


➤ The blade is crafted by folding 66 layers of Japanese Damascus steel over a Japanese AUS-10 steel cutting core with a 60+ Rockwell hardness. Feel the satisfaction as your knife slices cleanly through your fresh, tasty ingredients.

➤ Easy to Maintain – With superior edge retention the blade will stay ultra-sharp for years to come. When needed the fine, yet tough edge is easy to sharpen.

➤ The knife is perfectly weighted and balanced with proper handle material. It also features a full tang if you choose to use the extra reinforced pieces.

➤ Mince, slice, and dice with ruthless efficiency. Designed to suit the cutting techniques used by professional Japanese chefs, Katsura knives bring culinary mastery to any kitchen.

➤ Extra wide blade (50mm Compare to regular chef knife 45mm) with Unique Windcutter-X pattern plus your custom full size handle makes this knife blank more unique.

➤ Ideal gift- Create a custom handle and present as a gift to the best cook in your family. Or buy for your friend or family member who loves carpentry or woodworking. Every KATSURA knife comes inside a handcrafted gift box.

 USE AND CARE: not for chopping bone; do not use on hard surfaces like granite, tile, or glass cutting boards; wash by hand with gentle dish soap, rinse, and dry with a dishcloth; sharpen with a whetstone at an angle of 15 degrees.

Limited lifetime warranty, full satisfaction guaranteed.

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