AUS-10 Damascus 7-Piece Knife Set

Model: AUS-10-7SET

  • $445.50

  • THE KNIFE OF A KITCHEN SAMURAI – Inspired by the blade making traditions of ancient Japan, Katsura brings you their exclusive collection of Japanese Knives. The Damascus steel has exceptional sharpness, edge retention and is rust resistant. Transform into a kitchen samurai with your new Japanese chef knife set!
  • IMPROVE YOUR CUTTING TECHNIQUE – The handle on our professional knife is particularly comfortable, offering clean cuts without requiring perfect form. Unlike other chef knife sets that are for the pro’s only, the handle’s shape positions your hand for proper cutting technique. Even new cooks can slice and dice with efficiency and ease.
  • ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION – Our knife is made with a 3-pin, full-tang design. The seamlessly joined handle gives you a perfectly balanced grip and is decorated with a Mosaic center pin. The tough, wear resistant military-grade G10 material is made for busy households who love a home cooked meal every night! 
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Package includes:

  • 8" Chef knife: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 8-in x 1.6-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 8.2 OZ

  • 7" Santoku Knife: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 7-in x 1.6-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 8.2 OZ

  • 5" Small Santoku: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 5-in x 1.27-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 4.5 OZ

  • 3.5" Paring Knife: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 3.5-in x 0.75-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 3.75 OZ

  • 8" Bread Knife: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 8-in x 1.1-in x 2.5 mm; N.W. ABOUT 7.5 OZ

  • 6.5" Chinese Cleaver: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 6.5-in x 3.1-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 11.4 OZ

  • 7" Nakiri Knife: BLADE Length x Width x Thickness: 7-in x 2.1-in x 2 mm; N.W. ABOUT 9.2 OZ


Are You Ready to Transform into a Kitchen Samurai with Your Japanese Knife?

Japan’s Ancient Forging Techniques Combine with Cutting Edge Technology

Katsura Japanese Chef Knives are ready to do prove themselves immortal in your kitchen. Step into your power as you bring your razor-sharp knife down on fruits, vegetable, and poultry. Feel the satisfaction as your knife slices cleanly through your fresh, tasty ingredients.

Slice, dice, and mince to perfection. Hold the strength of ancient Japanese forging traditions in the palm of your hand.

Awe-inspiring Craftmanship

 Damascus blade made from two premium-quality, high-carbon stainless steels. 67 microlayers of high carbon are forged to produce a tsunami grain in the steel. Giving it both strength and beauty.

 Wear-resistant, stain resistant, and rust resistant. Your sharpest knives will stay exceptional for years to come. Sharpen and hone your knives as needed.

 Perfectly balanced, full-tang and 3-pin design. Designed to suit the cutting techniques used by professional Japanese chefs, this knife brings culinary mastery to any kitchen.

 Every Katsura knife comes in a handcrafted luxury gift box.

Use and Care

Not for chopping bone; do not use on hard surfaces like granite, tile, or glass cutting boards; wash by hand with gentle dish soap, rinse, and dry with a dishcloth.

Sharpen with a whetstone at an angle of 15 degrees.

Other Specs

60+ Rockwell hardness

Japanese AUS-10 steel

Meal prep will become fiercely efficient when you are armed with Katsura Japanese Knife set!

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